QUIZ #115 (MAY 2015)

Back in 2013 we started uploading each month's quiz rounds to our quiz website, but sadly we had so much work coming in we only got as far as May. But as part of our 10th anniversary celebrations we've (finally) launched this new blog to showcase each quiz (as well as all the cool videos we make and movie trivia we compile). So from now on at the end of each month we'll be posting a selection of audiovisual rounds from that month's quiz so you can play at home (or test your friends), starting with our May 2015 (10th anniversary) quiz…


Ten film trailers: nine you can see, one you can hear. Name them all.


As we were celebrating ten years of the quiz, we had one film soundtrack from each year 2005 to 2014 (in order). Name the films…


Five film clips with the visuals blurred out. Name the films.

Picture Round

This month’s picture round was called “It's My Party…” and was all about birthday scenes from films. How many films can you identify? - click here to download.

For the answers click here.
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