QUIZ #118 (AUGUST 2015)

Here's a selection of audiovisual rounds from our August Summer Blockbuster quiz…


Where we would normally play our trailer montage round, for our August Summer Blockbuster quiz we did something a bit different. We took ten credit sequences from blockbuster films: nine you can see and one where you can hear the opening theme music. Name them all.


This month, all the soundtracks are from part 2 sequels. Can you name the ten films?


Five film clips with the visuals blurred out. Name the films (clue: they are all remakes).

Picture Round

This month’s picture round was a Fill in the Blanks round. We give the first letter of each word and you have to fill in the rest. It might be a character, or a location, or a bit of dialogue. But it's something connected to that exact scene in the film - click here to download.

For the answers click here.
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