QUIZ #122 (DECEMBER 2015)

Quiz #122 premiered in December 2015 and was our 'Review of 2015' quiz. Here's a selection of audiovisual rounds that you can play at home…


Ten film trailers: nine you can see, one you can hear. Can you name all ten films?


This month, all the soundtracks are from films from 2015. Can you name the ten films?


Five film clips with the visuals blurred out. Name the films.

Picture Round

This month’s picture round was a Fill in the Blanks round featuring films from 2015. Can you complete the ten two-word phrases? We give the first letter of each word and you have to fill in the rest. It might be a character, or a location, or a bit of dialogue. But it's something connected to that exact scene in the film - click here to download.

For the answers ECEMBER QUIZ ANSWERS (#122)">click here.
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